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For monthly bonuses don't forget that the more BOR you put out by RTO or LTO the greater the BONUS MULTIPLIER!  Our competition expects 30 to 35 BOR(Items) be rented each week.  I would love to See That, In fact if we ever have a month where we average that much for each week that month I will PAY EVERY EMPLOYEE AN EXTRA PAYCHECK = to their AVERAGE Paychecks for that month.  This could mean Hundreds of dollars Extra on top of the monthly Bonus they are to receive anyway.


OUR WEEKLY AVERAGE#BOR to rent  GOAL IS 20 Items!  Below is the list of ranges and the way they effect your bonus Multiplier:

IF weekly BOR out average is :

<10 then you will only receive a quarter of your months bonus as this is VERY VERY BAD numbers and could result in Heads Exploding

>10 but <15 then your monthly bonus will be cut in HALF as this is boarder line staying in business

>15 but <20 then you will get your full bonus but Johns face will still be reddish as he hoped you could do >20!  BUT  -  This is the        expected range and is good for our Store... I mean why should we be able to do what the big boys do... 30+ !!!

>20 but <25 This is our GOAL and is VERY GOOD-  you will receive FULL BONUS plus an extra ??? 25%, But more important a pat on your back, or FIST BUMP, from me!

>25 Well, if you do this we are now seriously competing with the National Stores (RAC and Aarons) and you will receive FULL BONUS               PLUS 25% EXTRA, A pat on the back AND FIST BUMP...and GC of your Choice, And if our team continues these averages month after month then Much More to Come!


-------------------------------------------------------  STORE POLICIES BELOW ---------------------------------------------


THIS LIST WILL BE FILLED OUT BY END OF MONTH ~  PLEASE NOTE THE INFO ABOVE IS NOT ACCURATE-  NO REAL 2nd QTR PLAN HAS BEEN SETUP YET...Just a work in progress.... Anyone like Lobster...  I love Lobster...I mean, giving away lobster dinners is easy when I can eat too!  Why doesn't anyone like lobster but ME!!!!


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